At OneMosaic, we understand the intricate interplay of health and well-being services within a complex “system of systems,” where the needs of individuals and communities transcend traditional service and sector boundaries. In a landscape often marked by disjointed approaches and competitive mindsets, we create cohesion, ignite shared solutions, and amplify impact.  

Our team of consultants are experts at harnessing the collective power of collaboration and partnership, producing outcomes greater than the sum of their parts. We work with health and care agencies, governments, regions, and sectors to set a unified direction, redesign ways of working, build integrated solutions, and truly deliver a person-centered service experience. We aim to help our clients improve outcomes for the people they serve whilst magnifying the impact for entire populations. 

OneMosaic is not just a consultancy; we are agents of change, promoters of synergy, and architects of a more cohesive future.

OneMosaic Consulting


Setting System Strategies

Aligning the collective voice of many into a cohesive direction

Understanding Populations, Evidence, and Best Practices

Conducting research to anchor change in population needs, lessons learned, and proven methodologies

Defining Governance and Incentives

Defining governance, organization, contracting, and funding frameworks that enable new ways of working

Designing and Building New Ways of Working

Designing and building integrated models of care, integrated service pathways, team-based delivery structures, shared communication channels, digital and data tools, and shared workforce strategies

Empowering People and Communities

Amplifying voices and fostering meaningful engagement to create person-centric experiences

Cultivating Continuous Learning and Improvement

Establishing robust evaluation frameworks to drive a culture of ongoing learning, enhancement, and efficiency

Delivering Change and Transformation

Supporting effective program implementation and change management

Strengthening Capacity and Leadership

Equipping leaders and teams with the knowledge and skills to lead change and thrive in integrated environments


In 2020, we found ourselves amidst a global pandemic with new babies. While adjusting to motherhood, we bonded during socially distant walks along the boardwalk in East Toronto, Ontario. During this time, we found our conversations quickly moved from first foods and sleep schedules to community health transformation and innovations.

Each week, we kept coming back to the same big question: how do you scale bottom-up innovation with sustainable system change? Sharing our personal successes and failures, we imagined a vision for the future.


We founded two sister companies, OneMosaic Consulting and BoardWalk Group Advisory that collaborate together to bring a holistic approach to help communities, systems, private sector, and not-for-profits bridge the gap between grassroots innovation and system strategy.

We look forward to working with you!

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